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Monday, March 26, 2007

Back to school, back to school ...

I started back at university at the end of January and have just finished my first practicum. I spent three weeks at Johnsonville School teaching a split year 5/6 class, which is the Canadian equivalent to a grade 4/5 class. I really liked the kids and my associate teacher was great. I learned a lot, but most importantly, I got to go to camp with the kids! It was fantastic and I had a wonderful time. Today was my first day back in lectures, and I can't believe how tedious they're not feeling. I just want to be back in the classroom with the children. I don't know where my next school will be, or what grade I'll be teaching but I have a feeling it will be little ones. We're meant to be given a range of grades and different income levels at the school and in the surrounding areas.

I would write other stuff that's been going on, but really, it's just all been school! Between teaching and planning and camp and my uni assignments and readings I haven't had much time for anything else. Puppy is getting pretty big and will get, um, fixed fairly soon.

A big congrats to our friends Hannah and Phil on their baby boy born this morning, named Mikko. I haven't seen him yet but they can't keep me out for long!


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