Kiwis and Castles

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


We got back from the UK about a month ago. It was a great trip and Matt's brother's wedding was beautiful. The reception was held at the ruins of an old castle on a hill, exactly what I thought a British wedding should be. Then we went on our cruise and got to see some friends from Australia who we had met on the Tahitian cruise last year. We had port days in Southampton, Dublin, Glasgow, Bergen (Norway), Rotterdam (we went to Amsterdam), Bruges (Belgium) and then we got off a day early and went into Paris for a few days. We did a lot of sightseeing and a whole lot of eating. And for the most exciting news from the cruise ... Matt proposed! We don't have a date yet but it will be sometime during the summer of 2008 in Canada.

Since we've been home I've been working at Captial Gymnastics as a competitive coach and doing some office work. I'm really enjoying coaching again and I like competitive - it just feels more construtive than coaching recreational. My girls have finished competing for the year but hopefully next year I'll get to take them to some competitions.

We've also bought a house! It's in a suburb called Hataitai which is just over a hill (or through a tunnel) from downtown. If we walk to the top of our backyard there is a bit of a view of the water between the North and South islands. It has 2 bedrooms, a large living room and a huge kitchen and hardwood floors! Right now it's painted a boring shade of Sell My House Grey but we'll be changing that. We've been out the past few weekends trying to buy things we need that we don't own because we've been renting, such as linen, duvets and toilet brushes.

Matt says that he's planned a surprise trip for me in November but I have no idea where we're going. He says that it's international and I'll need my passport so I'm thinking that we'll be going to Australia. Fiji would be awesome but I think it's a bit far for a long weekend. I'll be sure to post when/if I find out where we're going before we actually go. It's something nice to look forward to though.


  • Well, if you're in Aus in November, I might be too...

    By Anonymous Steve K, at 10:51 AM  

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