Kiwis and Castles

Saturday, October 22, 2005

6 month anniversary

Today is six months since my knee surgery - although on second thought I guess tomorrow would be the actual anniversary since I lost a day when I moved over here. Hmm. Anyways, the scar is fading although still very visible, it's still swollen a little bit, and a good sized patch of the skin around the kneecap is still numb. But it's functioning fairly well although I still can't bend it all the way. I've been running a little bit on the treadmill and it's sore but feels very sturdy.

Well, not too much has been going on around here, thus the lack of updates. Matt is still working 7 day weeks and the hours are slowly getting longer and longer. I know this was to be expected, but the contracts have been extended again, so now they're not finished until closer to the end of November. He's finished two days before our cruise to Tahiti, but only one day before we have to be out of our apartment! We have to move but at least we've found a new place already. It's also downtown, about six blocks from where we are now. It's much bigger than we need with three bedrooms, but it'll do while we're here.

My parents have nearly finished planning their trip out here and I'm going to see Rotorua including a trip to the Tamaki Maori Village which I'm very excited for. (I find it odd that there was so much First Native culture around Vancouver and I never took much interest in that, but I'm very interested in other place's Natives ...) From Rotorua we'll drive up to Auckland and then back to Wellington for a couple days. Then it's down to Queenstown and surrounding areas. It should end up being a pretty good trip, as it'll be my first touristy viewing of the islands. Matt and I aren't joining my parents in Christchurch, but we'll go there for a couple weekends in the New Year I'm sure.

In other news ... I'm not sure if there is any, really. Claire is planning on coming up at the end of January which is great, and I'm planning on visiting Jenny in Beijing in May. I'm really excited for that, it should be great. She has a week off teaching so that would be the ideal time for me to go over and see her. We're still planning on going to the UK at some point around February for my school interviews although I'm not 100% sure that I'll be doing school in the UK - I'm going to look into a NZ teaching degree as well now. But that's all fairly far away and still needs lots of looking-into.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Am I still in Kansas?

I know that I moved to "Windy Wellington" but the past couple days have just been ridiculous. I nearly got pushed over by the wind the other day, and Matt and I were both having trouble walking last night. Our bedroom is on the top floor of the building and I swear that one night the roof is just going to get ripped off and I'll wake up surrounded by Munchkins and the Tin Man.

Other than the wind, things around here are going well, albeit slowly (6 weeks until Tahiti!) Nannying is still fun and all the boys are doing well. With one of them I get to play in playgrounds and walk around the city all the time, and with the other two we generally stay in the house and shoot at Bad Guys with guns made out of every toy imaginable. Conviniently the Bad Guys are always easy targets, or have escaped to the roof in which case I've been told that they turn into Good Guys and we don't have to worry about them anymore. Ah, to be 4 years old again ... That family lives right across the road from the beach and so when the wind dies down enough that the baby won't be swept away I'm sure we'll go play and collect bugs and spiders - another favorite passtime of the 4 year old. Boys are so gross. On the upside, he captured a weta the other day so I got to see a real live one. They're very prehistoric looking and kinda scary. I've been told that the one he captured is just a baby and they get a lot bigger (it's about 3 cm long right now.)