Kiwis and Castles

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Some more shakin'

We just had another small earthquake here. It was only measured at a 3.9 but because it was fairly shallow and much closer to Wellington than the last few it felt a lot stronger. There was one little shake, then a couple of seconds, and then the strong one that had a really deep rumbling/booming sound too. I was able to hear it over the movie I was watching so it must have been pretty loud. The TV wabbled and shook, the remote controls rattled, but nothing fell off the shelves or anything. The whole event took about 10 seconds I guess. I'm going to try to add the NZ earthquake page to my links so that I don't have to add them to the posts when quakes happen.
Other than that, not too much exciting going on around here. We're going to a cocktail party tonight and I might actually wear ... a short skirt! This would be a big deal for those who know me. I did buy a denim mini skirt with thoughts of just wearing it on the cruise, but maybe I'll be exicting and wear it tonight. On the other hand, if the wind doesn't die down, I think I'd rather be wearing a parka.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Shake, shake, shake

There have been two small earthquakes here within the past couple days. The first was on Thursday afternoon, a magnitude 3.2, and was apparently felt in Wellington but I didn't notice it. I would have been at work when it happened so maybe all the running after the 2 year old negated the shaking. The second was last night, a magnitude 4.3, and was very much felt. Matt and I were watching 'The Interpreter' and he was being all fidgety so I first thought that he was just shaking his leg quickly. He said that it was an earthquake and that he wasn't shaking his leg at all, then we just sat there and waited for it to finish. It lasted approximately 7 seconds and then it was over.
Other than a couple quakes things here have been fairly quiet with nothing particularly exciting coming up in the near future. Although, tonight Matt and I are going to see Chinese acrobats and then to an 80's night at a club, so I guess that's pretty entertaining.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gilly Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Before anything, I'd like to say that I had to do the grossest job ever for the girl I nanny. Forget poopy diapers, I had to make a Vegemite sandwich! And she even tried to shove a bit in my mouth. Yeah right!
Anyways ... Matt and I went down to Dunedin for Claire's birthday last weekend, which also happened to be our 1 year anniversary. Matt had planned a great surprise for me: a tour of the Cadbury's factory that included a tour of the chocolate machines, a chocolate waterfall, tons of free samples, and the super discounted gift/chocolate shop at the end. The scent of chocolate was so incredibly good that I thought I was in heaven, but Matt thought it was a bit strong - he felt like he gained "about 3 stone" just from the smell. (He still occasionally reverts back to speaking British.)
Seeing Claire and Stuart in Dunedin was really great and we all had a good time at her party. I got to meet Claire's friends and boyfriend and catch up with Stu. Claire took us for a walk around the University of Otago campus and it was really beautiful with some gorgeous old buildings. We were lucky that the weather was beautiful for the two days we were down there since it's winter and it could have been really ugly.
Not much else to report from Windy Wellington. Matt is starting to work long hours so I'm going to start going to yoga classes at the gym. I might even start tonight, but because I saw my trainer yesterday I'm really sore so it depends how much worse it gets during the day. We're planning on seeing the Wedding Crashers at the ritzy theater tomorrow night. This is the place where the tickets are more expensive, but you get Lazyboy recliners, free popcorn and soda, and you can place orders for food and drinks to come at various times during the film. Knowing me, I'll eat enough popcorn that it will make it very worth while to have spend the extra money on the ritzy tickets.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I've been pumped up

I had my first-ever personal training session this morning and I like it! I hate going to the gym and just feeling like I'm playing around and doing excersizes however many times suits my fancy. With Dave giving me instructions for the week and a written lesson plan I'm much more likely to go and stick to the plan. Today we just did some consultation, a bit of work for my knee and some abs, but next week I'm going to have to do the fitness test so we'll see how long I live during that. Other things I've tried so far this week:
1. To finish unpacking. It's been driving Matt nuts so I've tried to put as much stuff away as possible. It's worked so far, but considering most of my clothes are in a pile in front of the washing machine it could be interesting to figure out where they're all going to go.
2. Raspberry Coke. I don't know if that's come out at home yet but it's very odd. You get a hit of raspberry, and then it just tastes like coke, and then like Robitussin. The jury is still out on whether it's good or not.
3. To figure out if Wellington busses try to keep to their published schedule or if that's just a big trick on foreigners. I think they're all playing a joke on me. We'll see how today goes.
That's all for now. Matt and I are heading down to Dunedin on Saturday so I'll post again (hopefully with pictures) of our 1 year anniversary (he says he has a surprise outing planed and I have no idea what it could be) and Claire's bithday party.